27. Januar 2015


Identity – Envelope – Body – Material

Participating Artists:
Barbara Bersteiner, Song├╝l Boyraz, Barbara Graf,
Judith Huemer, Gudrun Kampl, Claudia-Maria Luenig,
Pauline Marcelle, Moonyounhee, Tom Riess, Christina Starzer


Pauline Marcelle, Bend Down Boutique 53, 120 x 160cm Oil/Canvas 2011 Opening


Friday 14. September 2012, 7pm
Haus der Kunst, Kaiser Franz Ring 7
2500 Baden, Austria


curated by Mag. Silvie Aigner


15. September – 7. October 2012


Opening hours
Tue – Sun 10am- 12am and 3pm – 6pm


Early 20th Century the traditional framework of figurative sculpture was radically blown and the idea of a physical subjected to new interpretation. The boundaries between object, installation, and performance art disappeared and three-dimensional concepts have been implemented in a variety of media from film to photography. Likewise, the inclusion of new materials has been influential for the contemporary sculpture. Textile materials and associated techniques took on a new meaning as adequate materials for the implementation of the thematic content of the physical context of wrappings, skin, surface, clothing and identity upon the interface amongst sculpture, photography and video. The motif of clothing always receives current urgency, since only the outer appearance of social attributions, associations and identities are made from what is visualized. „Body dress“ is not uncommon as the shell and at the same moment a protector and a suit of armor. Both critically and in an ironic and humorous interpretation, the exhibition address the artists to construct a self-examination from an external point of view. The empty shell becomes a metaphor and refers to the body or to its absence. Some artistic positions in this exhibition place textile as the work material per se at the center point: as a starting point of purely artistic considerations and concepts such as surface, structure and shape.The exhibition presents the various aspects associated with the textile material and also relates to a range of media from the object to photography.