24 June 2019 from 5pm to 9pm

Exhibition till 9. July 2019
Opening hours by appointment only

DAL Foundation
Falkestrasse 5,
1010 Vienna, Austria

Pauline Marcelle/Vienna
Esther Vörösmarty/Vienna
Federica Brambilla/Milan
Sara D’Uva/Rome

Join four 4 female artists from across the fashion and art worlds of Vienna & Milan for the exhibition exploring the potential of address to conscious living and challenging global sustainability.

Sustainabilize Me!
How does a Revolution start?
With the exhaustion of all possibilities in the past and placing new methods into solving current problems. Sometimes forcefully, sometimes with elegance.
It is indeed what fashion did in bringing the issue of sustainability, the art world followed as well. Contemporary artists and fashion designers from Italy and Austria will be part of the curatorial choice.