Ujamaa Arts and Artsy Online

Bend Down Boutique: Displaced
curated by Thuli Mlambo James

One of the artists from Ujamaa Arts stable, Pauline Marcelle, born in Dominica, West Indies lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She works in a range of media including painting, sculpture, video and installation. Her artworks explore matters of human behaviour, the reflection on human interactions and the influential impact of their social and mental environments. Themes of consumption, sustainability and resilience engage Marcelle’s works and are concerned with the visual and mental content of human needs, lust and desire, exalting identity, existence and the celebration of Black bodies.

Marcelle adapts digital collages to painterly parameters, transforming them into pictorial form, continually entering into relations, composing and recomposing relations.

Bend Down Boutique: Displaced, is an online exhibition on Artsy, is a series of postmodern figures engaging the human process which constitutes the social self and social organisation. Bend Down Boutique is a cohort of consciousness and unconsciousness, single and collective events, mindsets, experiences and streams of consciousness, engaging the human process that constitutes the social self and social organisation.

The rapid expansion in commercial exports of second-hand clothing consumption in mainly African countries raises challenging questions about the effects of globalization and the meaning of the West and the local, that consumers attribute to objects at different points of their journey across global space and setting. The works serve as a beacon – taking us back through the tunnel of the past whilst reminding us of the challenges facing Africa, the African Diaspora and their future.